6:15 pm Grand Reo Theatre, Vanderhoof
Rated 14A,114 Minutes
Director: Paul Gross, Actors: Paul Gross, Gil Bellows, Caroline Dhavernas, Joe Dinicol

It is no overstatement to call Paul Gross a Canadian icon. An Albertan, he has steadfastly remained in this country throughout his career. From his roles as an actor (notably as Constable Benton Fraser in Due South) to his work in film (he wrote, directed and starred in Men with Brooms), Gross is one of the most recognizable figures in Canada’s entertainment world. An advocate of Canadian war veterans, he has often lent his voice to public service announcements and documentaries chronicling this country’s military history. It is greatly rewarding, then, to see his interests and passions come together in Passchendaele, the Opening Night
Gala film at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival®.

Inspired by Gross’s relationship with his veteran grandfather, Passchendaele revisits World War I, when Canada’s military had some of its greatest victories and suffered its greatest human losses. Gross stars as Sergeant Dunne, who is sent home after sustaining injuries on the battlefield and assigned to work in Calgary as a recruiter’s assistant. He is smitten with a young nurse, Sarah Mann (Caroline Dhavernas, These Girls, Hollywoodland), who has her own secrets and wishes to be left alone, despite her growing affection for Dunne, who pursues her with the kind of abandon that is only inspired by true love. Meanwhile, Sarah’s asthmatic brother David (Joe Dinicol, The Virgin Suicides, Weirdsville) is determined to go to war,. As the characters’ lives become intertwined, the past haunts each of them while a nation’s
future hangs in the balance.

Funded in part by the Alberta government to celebrate the province’s centennial, Passchendaele’s reach extends far beyond that province’s borders. Culminating in the Battle of Passchendaele, the film takes full advantage of its luminous cast to transcend the particulars of war and embrace the universal and enduring affairs of mind, heart and country.

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“As my grandfather died, in his mind he was back in that town, trying to find a German boy whom he’d bayoneted in the forehead. He’d lived with that memory all his life – and he was of a time when people kept things to themselves. When he finally told the story, it really affected me and I’ve not been able to get it out of my head.” – Paul Gross, Now Magazine (UK)

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