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Coca-Cola Case - DOUBLE FEATURE!
January 17, 2011
Rated PG

Co-Directors: Carmen Garcia, Germán Gutiérrez Run Time: 86 minutes
Country: Canada Year: 2009 Language: English

Columbia is the trade union murder capital of the world. Since 2002, more than 470 workers' leaders have been brutally killed; usually by paramilitaries hired by private companies intent on crushing the unions. Among these unscrupulous corporate brands is the poster child for American business: Coca-Cola. Enter Martin Gil: his brother, Isidro, was killed at point-blank range while working at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in the town of Carepa because he was part of a union bargaining unit.

Like most violent crimes committed against Colombian union leaders, Gil's murder went largely unnoticed until U.S. lawyers Daniel Kovalik and Terry Collingsworth, along with social activist Ray Rogers, stepped in and launched an ambitious crusade against the corporate giant. The lawyers filed several cases at the U.S. federal court against Cola-Cola for murder, abduction and torture committed in Colombia and Guatemala. Thanks to activist Ray Rogers, they also attacked the brand image of the Atlanta-based giant, with the devastating campaign "Stop Killer Coke!" causing dozens of American colleges and universities to boycott the drink.

In an incredible three-year saga, filmmakers Germán Gutiérrez and Carmen Garcia follow these unlikely, white-collared heroes in a legal game of cat-and-mouse. There have even been allegations that this very documentary has been black-listed by Coca-Cola who has been peppering the internet with unfavourable reviews as the company works tirelessly to keep this film from being seen. Shot across continents from Bogotá to New York, Guatemala to Atlanta, Washington to Canada, The Coca-Cola Case ensures that you'll never look at a can of Coke the same way again.

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