Craft Your Own Social Media Marketing Strategies

After spending time creating amazing content for your social media sites, the next essential
step to do is boost your online presence and convert it into sales. You need an effective
social media marketing to make it happen.

Here are the vital steps you need to take when creating your own strategies:

Step 1- Set objectives and goals.
Your objectives and goals will determine the best strategies that you should follow to
achieve your vision. The objectives act as your guideposts when your social media
campaign does not give you the results you are expecting. Goals help you gauge your
progress and success, allowing you to review the return of investment.

Step 2- Assess your social media usage.
Are your social media marketing strategies working for you? It is crucial to have a
regular assessment of how your various social media sites provide you with visitors,
customers, and sales. It helps you evaluate your own presence and compare it to your
competitors. You may need to update, upgrade, or delete non-working accounts.

Step 3- Enhance your virtual presence.
Complete your profile details. Update essential data like your contact numbers, site
description, etcetera. Refine and improve the look of your social media accounts. Rebuild
and recreate with your old and new audience in focus.

Step 4- Find your own social media voice.
You need to be unique and relevant. Every successful online influencer and seller use
distinct voice to attract their audience attention. One way to get an idea is to evaluate how
your competitors engage their customers. Another way is to look for successful industry
leaders and learn their social media marketing techniques.

Step 5- Post new content on a regular basis.
You need to create great content that is useful, beneficial, and interesting for your
followers. Without them, your social media marketing plan will not be effective. To
remind you of what you need to do, have a comprehensive calendar that lists down the
must-haves such as what days are you going to write the content, when are you going to
publish them, and how will you promote them.

An effective editorial calendar has the dates
and times you will post the blogs and share them on different platforms (Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, or LinkedIn). It must also include your marketing campaigns
and other strategies that you may want to try.

Aside from following the steps above, be flexible and open to new ideas that will further
improve your social media marketing plans.

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Be The Storyteller Everyone Will Love

One of the secrets of compelling content is being an excellent storyteller. Storytelling is the
newest form of interactivity of social media marketing strategy.  By creating real-time
tales about the brand using your Instagram account, you gain new followers and reach
more people

But first, you need to reach out to the brand companies for the story takeovers. Email, fill-
out the form found on their websites, or direct message them to show your interest. Once
approved, you need to create and relate a real-time story.

Here are some tips for you:

Share a Unique Experience
Every day, many stories are shared in the Instagram. If you want to stand out, go beyond
the ordinary. Create an awesome narrative story. Use a distinct angle that will drive
followers into your Instagram account. Shoot with a cinematic or quirky style. Test the
product using a different experience in an exotic location.

Post your takeover to invite followers. Use Instagram Live to talk about the exciting event.
Use a descriptive video or photo, cross-promote it in your other social channels, or direct
message your followers with the brand’s link to generate a buzz. Create a unique hashtag
that will make your takeover searchable. Use up to six hashtags in your Instagram content
to enhance your social media marketing strategies. Utilize the other Instagram features
emoji, filters, and polls.

Show your daily journey
Instead of just telling the story, let your followers inside your life and show them your daily
activities. Take the viewers with you from the moment you wake up and until you retire at
night. Connect with others while promoting the brand or product. Show how it makes your
day better or easier. Provide memorable elements that will make your takeover instant hit
such as tips, interviews, and Q & A portion.

Make a strong finale
Finally, end up strong by making a call-to-action. Gather your views, questions, shared
screenshots, and other qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Apply these Instagram storytelling techniques to increase your viewership and influence.
Build strong relationships with your audience by utilizing storytelling as your social media
marketing tool.

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